Till we meet again Singapore

The Little Red Dot, seemingly so small but you really aren’t little at all.

An Island among the Asian giants set just right on the Singapore Strait.

Young as a Spring chicken a mere 54, As you sought your wisdom from others before.

Wise beyond your years with a crown of diversity and character you are adorned.

Oh Singapura you are a treasure to behold your milk is sweet & your standard is high,

Oh how I do not want to say goodbye.

You are a mover and a shaker but still make time to be still,

A lesson or two could be learned by countries of other shores but I doubt they ever will.

Kindness and compassion abide here in your city so green, as you will see there is no need to be mean.

Everything is close so conveniently near

Law and order is the way it is here, Go explore, hike and seek go have a beer.

A short while we only had but you will always be in our hearts,

With open arms you welcome all, Race or religion it matters not.

Our time with you has reminded me to be open, genuine and inclusive to all,

and great is your reward, it’s up to you, could be big could be small.

A Toast to you Singapore, May we always remember the greatness from which we stood,

Your banquet is set so that all may taste your goodness and know that it is good.

Till next time Singapore