Keeping it Light

Hey Guys! We are back in Singapore from our Summer break back in the States. It was good to go back home but it also felt good to get back to Singapore. Things are a bit chaotic right now as school has started and we are trying to get back into a routine. I thought a lot about where I wanted to go with this blog today and not sure I’m ready to dive into anything heavy just yet, so gonna keep things light and fluffy for now and get back to Snippets instead of meaty long-winded conversations. A few pics that I want to share with you.


If you have a chance to go see “Crazy Rich Asians” the movie that is coming out soon in the States you will see a scene from this beautiful church. we had a chance to go explore this area last weekend and it was stunning. I hear the movie is getting great reviews but I cannot validate that as we havent seen it yet. I do know that it was filmed here in Singapore so that should be fun.


Do you see it?



OK Guys, more to come later have a blessed day/night.