Good Vibes

Hey Guys! Saturday night date night! I’ve been doing some research on a new experience for us to share and tonight we are about to enter the World of the unseen. We are going into the language of the Universe. Sound. Himalayan Singing bowl studio is our setting for the next 1 1/2 hours. What I’m about to describe, you might think is a little “out there” But hey, that’s the way we roll!  Just another perk of getting older is the fact that you really don’t care what other people think of you or what you do or don’t do. Hey, I couldn’t be happier! and if you are open to a little piece of advice “You don’t have to wait till you get older to start feeling/living this way”



“The singing bowl sits heavily in my hand. I strike the rim gently with a felt-tipped beater. A humming, singing sound envelops me. The deep, throbbing undertones gradually change into undulating overtones. I strike the bowl again, and then again and again. The more I strike, the more the room in which I am sitting is filled with sound. The sound calms me. I gradually lose an awareness of time and place. I am living in the sound and the sound is living in me.”  – Eva Rudy Jansen


We were obviously a little apprehensive as we slipped off our sandals and entered into the simple whitewashed walled room with warm grained hardwood floors, lit by a simply adorned crystal chandelier. Red fleece blankets and gray pillows lay scattered around the perimeter. In the center of the room was a collection of beautiful hand-made brass bowls of various sizes all beneath the shadow of a towering well seasoned gong. Our Instructor Christina met us with a huge smile and warm welcome as we marked our territory, legs criss-cross on the floor with our backs against the wall. Once our participants (12) were settled, she shared her personal testimony of how the medicinal vibrations from the singing bowls has changed her life. So much so that she opened her own studio 4 years ago.

The vibrational sound massage was about to get going as we sprawled out into our most comfortable positions. We chose to lay on our backs with our heads closest to the bowls which was recommended for the most intense experience! Our eyes closed and silence filled the room. As each of us found our own way to relax our minds the first beat of the bowl made its presence felt not overwhelming but soothing. Then the next, a deeper, more filling tone, then the next and so on, each different but each beautiful never allowing silence to occur as each tone overlapped. The next hour was filled with alternating intensities of harmonic waves of auditory vibrations. Some were higher pitched and resonated for only a few seconds, others were deep and robust and lingered far longer than one would think possible. Each tone was different but yet all in harmony.

Relaxing, calming, soothing, healing, amazing were the words uttered in abundance as we recapped our experience. We both could not believe that time had passed so quickly as the last tap of the bowl was made and the session was over an hour later. In the moments of deep meditation we were free of all outside stimuli, the emotional dependence of the needy electronic device (cell phone) were absent. The anxieties of the future or the chatter of our minds disappeared. At certain points during the session we each felt like there were specific vibrations that struck a chord in each of us.

I’m sure the experience is different depending on how we react, accept, allow, engage in various ways and that’s totally cool, for me it was awesome and just seemed natural. So I have arrived at that point in my life now that laying on the floor with my eyes closed with a room full of total strangers in a far away land being massaged from the inside out by hand beaten Himalayan bowls seemed totally natural. Wow! Now that’s some Good Vibes!



short video if you are curious,