It’s Up to Me!

Hey Guys!  It’s funny how our realities can change in an instant. Took a trek today to the summit of Mount Faber, now that sounds adventurous but it’s not as daunting as the term Mount sounds. It actually equates out to 105 meters elevation and for easy math that’s about 345 feet. It’s actually a great (bimble) British term for a moderate hike, however there are a lot of steps up a steep incline. With water bottle in hand and of course a dri-fit shirt I began my ascent. It didn’t take long for the sweat to start its trickle down effect as my light blue shirt was quickly turning a darker shade of blue by the time I approached the half way mark.


The peak was near, but my sight was honed in on a beautifully positioned park bench that had my name on it. As I sat down and allowed the evaporative powers of a gentle breeze to cool me down I must admit I was feeling pretty good about myself. That was until I casually looked over my shoulder and saw a man I would estimate around 70 jogging around smiling and paying no attention to anyone. My first thought was to speak a word of encouragement to him like (great job) or (Man it sure feels good to take a break) but those thoughts quickly vanished as I noticed he assumed a position that I am quite unfamiliar with.

As my sweat soaked jaw dropped in amazement/confusion he quickly knelt down & hammered out at least 20 push ups in row in an extremely disciplined manner. You know, unlike the kind we used to do in gym class when the P.E. teacher wasnt looking? Oh No, this guy was kissing Mother Earth with every rep. When he finished he proceeded to jog off into the sun drenched jungle path with not a trace of perspiration anywhere nor did he care about what I thought or anybody else. That was his reality! Impressive to say the least! Really made me pause to rethink about the way I view people and myself. Why did I automatically assume/ think that he wasn’t capable of such a physical task just because he was my elder? that was my reality. Notice how they both co-exist!

Isn’t it interesting how we choose to think is our reality? In a matter of a few minutes mine changed from feeling pretty good about myself to (Wow!) It’s not his fault. I control how I choose to think. I’m training my mind to control my body, not the opposite. Our own thoughts can be our worst enemy or our best friend. I’m going to continue challenging myself to not be quick to judge or assume, but to be more mindful, less self-deprecation and appreciate more. I did good today physically and mentally! thus that’s my reality. It’s really Up to Me.