Thailand 2.0

Hey Guys! Hope you’re doing good! Time is going fast as its going to be Spring break next week. Happy Easter! But of course first there’s a story to tell along with a few pics and a video clip from our recent trip back to beautiful Phuket Thailand.

Full Disclosure: We did not receive payment or get reimbursed in any way for this shout out. Just giving some honest opinions/ pics of this spectacular resort. Thank You Eric for your hospitality!


view from the Top!






This boutique hotel is an absolute gem. The entire staff takes such good of all of their guests and were so friendly and accommodating. The food was outstanding as well! We basically stayed there (in the pool) (herbal sauna) (Jacuzzi) the entire time.

We did venture out to the Weekend market where you can find pretty much anything you would ever/never want or need. It’s like a giant wholesale open air market. The sights, sounds, smells are amazing! just a whole lotta sensory overload! check out our sweet ride back to the Resort! they are called tuk tuk taxis and was Sooooo much fun! like a matchbox pickup, Music blastin, careening around mountain roads, dodging scooters, bicycles, semis, and drunken pedestrians!! Sounds Awesome doesn’t it? It actually was quite Fun, although my skittish wife whose death grip fingerprints are still on my arm 3 days later would probably disagree. 🙂  Check it out!



So of course because we do crazy things like this, there was one little incident that happened to us… It was dark and we were jammin to the tunes in the back, cruising around busy crazy streets on our supposed way back to the resort which was at least 1 hour away when, well the fun kinda ran out. As the music was being drowned out by the screeching sound of a clutch that was going out on the lil red tuk-tuk as we entered into the long winding uphill stretches of not so well-lit countryside.

We turned down a non recognizable even darker pot holed filled alley, when Mama Bear aka (my wife) awoke from her not so pleasant slumber. I didn’t really think too much about the chosen route of our barely 18 yr old driver as I was being mentally swept away by the fond memories of days gone bye when I would be driving around town with windows down & music blastin away, albeit 30 or more years ago… But when we stopped abruptly in the alley by a small roadside tavern/hangout I also became aware of the not so familiar surroundings. As the tuk tuk driver exited his seat  and ran across the street without even gesturing to us what the heck was going on.

It was at that moment when I even thought things were probably going to get sideways. I wasnt sure if we ran out of gas, were going to get mugged or if the young whipper snapper driver had a severe case of (when nature calls). You know the little hairs on the back of your neck? well I’m pretty sure they are not supposed to stand straight up, but mine were! I really wasnt in the mood for a possible confrontation between Mama Bear and the several fellows that were looking at us like fresh prey, until they saw the crazed look in my Irish Catholic wife eyes that said “If you touch my children I will rip your head off and sh** in it.”

Well, time seemed to stand still as our heart beats were drowning out the tuk tuk stereo playing Despacito! I’m sure it was at least a minute or 2 (seemed a lot longer) before the young lad that spoke no English returned without any explanation, jumped back in the driver’s seat and we were off again. We all looked at each other in awkward bewilderment as to what just happened. No refueling, no mugging, no left for dead, No Mama Bear doing unspeakable things to the bystanders. After several more minutes we were back in our hood and was dropped off at the hotel safely. We all recapped the event later on, we laughed it off and let it go as we had way too much Fun to let it spoil our overall experience!

Because no trip to Thailand would be complete without a pic of a Temple!


And a Pic of a Cute Dog in a Camo baby holder (but I still see you..) 🙂


And of course a Pic of the local brew!


Full Disclosure #2  Ya, I had more than 1 and Yes they were really good! 🙂 

 Ok Guys!

Have a Great Day/Night!

More Later!






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