Can you hear me now?

Hey Guys! The other day I was walking around aimlessly in the megalopolis and happened to see a sign that grabbed my interest. 

For some reason the Term “Ear Candling” intrigued me. I have been having some issues with my left ear so maybe timing was right or wrong? So up the escalator to go have a look-see I went. A nice lady by the name of Jay greeted me and asked how she could help me. She explained the process to me, the cost and said to come back in an hour or so and she would be able to squeeze me in. 

Ear candling, also called ear coning , is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.

 (what the heck, why not?) so the hour passed, entering the Salon, Jay did a double take and with a smile said “take a seat” So being married for over 16 years I have found the secret to success in life is, when being told by a woman to do something.. just do it!. 

I sat myself down and patiently waited my turn, when the moment came and Jay said “its your turn”  she led me to a dimly lit private room which was very cozy and asked me to lay down on the massage table. She covered me up with some warm blankets and adorned my head with (no not a crown…) 🙂 but towels as the essential oils would be massaged firmly into my forehead and neck. 


Pardon the deer in headlights look… Now I know my track record for making good choices / decisions is probably not the best, so whatever possesses me to try all these crazy things amaze even me at times.

I mean after all, I’m sure everyone thinks that allowing a total stranger in a foreign land sticking a foot long cotton-candy stick in your ear and setting it on fire is a Great Idea right???? 


Well let me tell ya, seeing the fireball out of the corner of my eye certainly got my attention! It was at that moment Jay says to me “just close your eyes”. (She knows what she is doing) – (she knows what she is doing) – became my earworm anthem as the determined flame continued its relentless march downward to its assigned target. By this time I needed to remove the layers of blankets that covered me like a patient being treated for hypothermia, as I was really beginning to perspire!

I really needed to focus and just enjoy this moment, right? As the warmth of the  crackling candle continued to draw closer and closer to my ear there was a calming effect coming over me, now could it be the near death experience that is described by so many that we have read about? You know where they say “It was like a trance & I saw this really bright light…) or was it just me succumbing and willing to enjoy a totally new albeit it strange experience? 

I’m going to say it was the latter as the soothing instrument had met its objective, I actually calmed down. Time to move on to my left ear and as she lit up the next luminous cylinder I put my anxieties aside and my tensions to rest. It really was a unique and different experience, all senses were awakened and almost like a healing ora that surrounded me is hard to describe. 

To sum it all up. Would I do it all the time? No.  Would I do it again? Absolutely! Jay had told me that another benefit would be my sleep would also be better, and you know what? she was right! Check it out sometime. If you hear or research about the results, you will get mixed reviews. I say, go try it yourself.  You might just enjoy the whole experience.

I “hear” it’s really hot…!  🙂




One thought on “Can you hear me now?

  1. I have the same problem, wax buildup. That wax is supposed to pop out but, often times it doesn’t and blocks the hearing. It’s generally an old person’s problem…just kidding. Even kids can have it. I get the roto-rooter treatment twice a year but that hit flame sounds good. Old guys should have a hot flame experience on occasion, don’t you agree!

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