Foodie Alert-Viet Nam

Hey Guys! hope you are all doing well! We are back after Spring Break for the kids and getting back into our routine. I wanted to share with you our trip to Viet Nam a few weeks back. The trip was over a four-day period and was so amazing it’s really too much for 1 post, so I will break it up into 3 separate experiences. First out of the gate was our Foodie Tour via scooters! The excursion was (Back of the Bike Foodie Tour) Our fellow Hoosier expat friends had recommended this and let me tell you It was awesome! a sensory overload 4 hour feeding frenzy tour of the real street food in Saigon via scooters!


The adventure began after we arrived from our mere 2 hour flight to Saigon. We arrived mid afternoon and at 6PM we were greeted by 4 awesome college girl drivers that gave all of us our helmets and we were off thru the streets of Saigon at rush hour! let me tell you it was an experience I will never forget. There are over 9 million people who live in Saigon and I swear that every one of them was on their scooters as the adventure began.

I really don’t even know how to describe or understand how all this controlled chaos works, but it does! There are so many people going every which way at the same time. Now I have ridden motorcycles my whole life and was never afraid or even thought twice about riding anywhere but let me tell you this was a little hard for me to jump on the back of a 100cc scooter giving up total control to a barely 19-year-old college girl that I outweighed by at least 100 lbs! But I did and boy was It Fun! Terrifying but Fun.

For those of you that have ever had authentic Viet Nam street food you will be able to relate, for those that havent well its a full-blown party for the senses. The tour began at this place tucked away down an alley that I would have never found with or without GPS.




After this gorging we were off to explore another venue where the tasty fare just kept on coming!




Serious good eats here as the Salad with peanuts and spice was so flippin tasty I wanted to lick the plate clean…. As I was extinguishing my tongue off with a cooling towel meant for my neck we were puttering off again into the gorgeous Saigon night to explore another delicacy.


Yes, that’s the freshest most delicious crab soup concoction I have ever had the extreme pleasure to consume. After savoring every drop thinking I could not hold anymore deliciousness we were off again to another savory location! This time my beautiful and adventurous wife got to try her hand at authentic street food cooking! check this out! (Warning)- If you aren’t hungry when you watch this video clip, you will be! Please allow your senses to receive this salivating gift, as the flames of culinary desire will descend upon you like manna from heaven. (Watch clear to the end for an awesome moment!)

I mean seriously, the sounds of the sizzling, crackling fire combined with the sweet smelling smoke-filled night makes me want to book our flight back right now! The perfectly orchestrated gorging was complete after the wheelbarrows were summoned to haul us away….



After 4 hours of sampling Culinary Heaven on Earth we were delivered like stuffed penguins back to the hotel where we waddled our way back to sleep off the self induced food coma. Well that’s going to wrap up our Foodie edition of Street Food Viet Nam!

Next up will be Cu Chi Tunnel Excursion via Onetrip Motorcycle Adventures!





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