Holy Crap thats Good Coffee

Hey Guys! We have all heard the phrase “One mans trash is another mans treasure” but have you heard “one animals poop is another mans coffee?” Well such is the case in SE Asia, thanks to a rodent like animal called a luwak. Yes, you heard me right! Who would have ever thought; hey, lets chase this 4 legged weasel like creature around and when he poops we will gather it, polish it up, roast it and then sell it as one of the worlds most expensive coffees? Brilliant! The luwak has literally brought a new meaning to the word coffee-maker….


Seriously, look how cute this guy is! The worlds #1 animal for going #2!


Cmon its not so bad!! Kinda looks like a payday candy bar..

Have you ever had to give a stool sample before? Well On our recent trip to the beautiful Island of Bali we were given the chance to sample the stool….(coffee)  My anxiety level was on Code Red as I raised the steaming, blackish substance to my lips but I could not give access just yet. The aroma was not at all what I had expected as I had assumed a pungent, repulsive, odor considering where this concoction came from… But oh contraire, a full-bodied, strong; but not punch you in the face strong; kinda sour, but not vinegar sour fragrance wafted its way into the portholes of my very large nose. As my brain began to process  this aromatic mystery it was somewhat confused, but yet willing to partake in the tasting of the fruited excrements from the luwak bowels.

As the first sip went down I was wondering if it was going to come right back up, but you know what?  it was actually very good, not at all what I had imagined. Not that I have spent a lot of time thinking about drinking a hot cup of #2 before….. Now I must admit it has a distinct robust flavor but not a distasteful one at all. I finished my cup and proceeded directly to the counter to buy a bag of not decaffeinated but defecated… whole bean coffee. Now make no mistake about it, this crap… is not cheap!


If you guys are all disgusted by all this just check out the link below for a visual of how this process goes down… its not as bad as you think!!! or is it???

Ok, All for now! More on Bali in future posts.

Bottoms Up!



3 thoughts on “Holy Crap thats Good Coffee

  1. Love reading this! I can relate – I tried the same many years ago lol!
    Hope you guys are doing great! Till next time – Hope to be that lucky to board a plane and end up sitting next to you another time! All the best from Denmark, Rasmus
    Sorry if this comment is duplicate, but my first comment does not appear!

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