‘Les Waterfall’ is So much More

Hey Guys! Bali Indonesia – the  village of Tejakula 3 hours north of the airport is the setting for this chat! It was a hot somewhat overcast day, so scooters was our choice of transportation to our highly anticipated location. As our gracious and awesome guide/driver Gede motioned for the kids to get on board, they looked a bit befuddled… how were 3 going to ride 1 scooter? Well Fear Not, in Bali much like every other Asia country that we have visited, they just make things happen! With my bride reluctantly surrendering all control to me on the back of my scooter we were puttering off thru the winding, narrow passageway to the objective chosen for the day;  Les Waterfall.


The scrawny chickens were running for their lives as we tried to dodge them, which was made more difficult by the slippery volcanic rocks on the trail.  I’m happy to report no chickens were harmed in the making of this adventure!  With all creatures safe we finally came upon our “parking area” (term used very loosely).  We had to surrend our chariots aka scooters as the narrow path was built for foot traffic only.  The next 30 minutes were filled with the sights, sounds and smells of Bali nature as the trek led us upwards in elevation following a pristine mountain stream. Check out this pic of a clove tree. Who knew that cloves grew on trees? On our way back we actually saw a worker in the tree picking the cloves off one by one. Total respect for cloves now.




The prize was drawing closer and closer, the journey was nearly complete.  We had been hearing for the last 10 minutes a watery ensemble of majestic proportions!  We were not disappointed, majestic may have been an understatement.


The thunderous roar of the Falls sent chills down our very sweaty spines as we quickened our pace to indulge in this magnificent display of Nature’s abundance.

There is no possible way to explain the feelings we felt as we ventured under this stunning display of Mother Natures beauty, but because I enjoy a challenge I’m gonna try 🙂 First watch this clip to get a glimpse of the experience/embarrassment….

OK, first off I hope you are not deafened by the shrill of my daughters screams… Secondly I hope you are not offended at the sight of me with my shirt off… and last but not least please don’t be jealous of the balance I displayed! 🙂  The sheer energy that poured forth was simply electrifying. It was intoxicating, as if we had consumed too much Bintang!  It was a natural buzz given freely from Mother Nature herself. We felt so energized and ALIVE! It has truly left an impression not only on my neck, back and head….as the force of thousands of gallons/litres of pure energized mountain stream water pelted us relentlessly. But we kept going back for more like crack candy.



The memory for us is crystal clear and speaking of memory, did you know that water has memory as well?  After we returned from Bali and settled back into our routine I began researching the subject, below is a book that I highly recommend.


There are several books / YouTube videos on this subject. I encourage you to check it out and see for yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! If you enjoy, please share!




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