If It Looks like a Duck…

Hey Guys! While casually weaving in and out of the masses the other day I came upon a food stall that happened to catch my eye, there piled high on a stainless steel alter was remnants of our dear feathered friend the ‘Duck’. The recognizable deep-fried body parts did take me by surprise as they were flying off the shelf to hungry passer-byers. Now I’m not one to cry “fowl”….. but cmon now is nothing sacred on the poor web-footed foe??? I’m quickly learning that nothing goes to waste over here!

We have all heard the phrase “If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck, well it’s probably a duck” Check out the pics below and we will discuss if they meet the criteria of the old saying!


Best price on the “web..


I just didn’t have the heart….


I have heard price per head but they take it literally here!

Well I’m pretty sure it was a duck! The funny thing is though I don’t remember seeing fare like, Oh I don’t know maybe a juicy succulent breast,  a delicious wing, a tasty drumstick, or the highly overrated thigh??? Nope! Nothing like that! Now I would normally find it within me ( whatever IT is?) to go ahead and indulge in sampling this type of culinary confusion, but I’m not gonna lie I just took a few pics and ducked off to the always interesting hawker food stand. There I could enjoy my delicious lunch of Lor Mee which at least has unrecognizable body parts swirling around in a steaming bowl of deliciousness.

Poultry was obviously the theme for the day as our gorgeous sun-drenched afternoon was reluctantly surrendered itself to dusk, I happen to look to the western sky and capture this very peculiar cloud formation.



Now it might just be my keen/warped… imagination but doesn’t this kinda look like a Duck? Mother Nature sure has a good sense of humor!

Alright, If you havent cracked a smile yet, its my last chance! So lets get those smile muscles working!!

You honestly didn’t think you were going to get away without a closing corny Duck joke did ya?

Q. Why do ducks never grow up???


A. Because they grow down…. 🙂

Bon Appetit!






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