The Cloud Forest – Gardens by the Bay

Hey Guys! Ever heard the expression “I feel like I’m walking on air?” well at Gardens by the Bay you basically can! The Cloud Forest is a unique and quite stimulating experience especially if you aren’t afraid of heights. As you enter into the gigantic dome you are greeted quite refreshingly with a 115ft tall waterfall that’s sure to please. The Cloud Forest holds the World record for the tallest indoor waterfall! Time for a Pic!


Seemingly every square inch of this place is covered in live vegetation which is shrouded in burst of mist and fog. The trek around will take you an hour or 2 to truly soak in all this beauty.

IMG_7973 (1)




If you are adventurous and we are! You will want to take a quick trip upwards via the elevator to the top where you can walk amongst the clouds on this suspended walkway in the sky!


Check out a couple of short video clips to get a feel of what its like up there!

Of course the whole area is filled with unique and diverse plants, flowers and art sculptures.




The Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay Singapore is definitely a must see and a Top 5 Thing to Do while here. Its going to get crazy here over the next few weeks as we are having family in to visit and prepping to go back to the States for the Summer so our chats might be a bit more few and far between. Thank you for your encouragement and to my new friends that signed up a Big Welcome to you all!






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