Phuket Thailand

Hey Guys! Today, let’s go to Phuket Thailand, pronounced (Poo-ket) make no mistake about it, this was No Stinker… Oh wait there’s more! we also went to Phi Phi pronounced (Pee Pee) Islands!  Urine for a Good Time….. 🙂 lol.  Nothing like a little bathroom humor to get you going…  We traveled there last Fall and had an absolute fantastic time.  After a short 2 hour flight we arrived and was driven to the Angsana Resort which was about a 30 minute taxi ride thru the narrow,winding, bustling streets of this Island town.  Check out the video below and we will recap with stories below the video. (graphic heavy so might load slow)

                                (Music credit to Weezer -Happy Hour)

Alrighty then! Thailand is so amazing. There are so many sights to see and experiences to do, we invested 4 days there and only scratched the surface. I think for me the day trip to Phi Phi Islands was the stunner.


Because on my blog I want you to be subjected to all sorts of relatively useless information….  🙂 Little trivia question for ya!

Did you know that over 10 movies have been filmed in and around the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand?

Ya me neither! Here are the Top 4

  • The Beach – filmed in 2000 with Leonardo DiCaprio
  • The Man with the Golden Gun – filmed in 1974 with Roger Moore as James Bond
  • Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason – 2004
  • Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith

 Snorkeling in this area was unbelievable. The excursion took us to several coral reefs and when we jumped off the boat into the crystal clear water it was as if we jumped right into a giant aquarium. There were literally hundreds of all sorts of colorful exotic fish surrounding us. Of course the half loaf of bread that we brought with us might have helped as well! It was chaos at times, boy those fish were really hungry! I might do a separate blog on just the Phi Phi as there is just too much to describe in this writing.

Another interesting and unique experience, which happened to be Christina’s favorite, was the Phuket Elephant Refuge.  Here they rescue abused or “used up” elephants (kind of like an Old Elephants home) and turn them loose to roam free in this 40 acre natural habitat.  No chains, no fences, nothing but freedom for these beautiful animals to live out their remaining days in peace, with the exception of being fed tasty watermelon and other assorted yummy fruits by hand from tourist like ourselves.  Not too bad of a Gig!


One thing we have found about SE Asia is that the people here are so friendly and inviting! I tell my kids “You got 5 minutes? Go make a new Friend” Well we did just that. An artist (whose name I could never pronounce correct so lets just call him Kim) was on site for the 4 days we were in Phuket and we would interact the best we could, as we do not speak Thai.  We would stand there spellbound as he crafted stroke by stroke this beautiful tiger from conception to the canvas.

 We were drawn like a magnet to steel (how could you not be? look at those eyes) to this particular piece of work. The last night we were in Thailand we stopped by his art shop in town and purchased this piece.  He was gracious enough to sign the back for me in Thai. It is supposed to say “To my friend Gary” I cannot verify that, but if someone out there reads Thai???



 I could show you picture after picture of beaches, wildlife or architecture but I try to glue it all together for you with stories, pics about people we meet.  After all, the people we hang with & meet can make a good experience great or not so much.  We have been so fortunate while being out and about to meet ALOT of really fun and interesting people.  They don’t just come running up to meet ya, so you gotta show some initiative and start asking questions or give a few compliments to get things going! Putting my spin on an old quote “Its only when we get way out on the limb that we reap the best fruit, granted sometimes the fruit is spoiled out there too. But its worth the risk!”

Alright Guys, gonna shut it down for now, I hope you all are having a Great Day or Night!

More Later! 




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