“Time Changes Everything” Or Does it?

Hey Guys! Welcome back again.  Have you ever heard the phrase “Time changes everything” Does it really? “Everything” is really a lot. “Everything” Cmon now. Its like saying “Everything is Beautiful” to quote a song title from Ray Stevens…  or “Everything is good or bad” Really Everything? Does Time have omnipotent power that it can change Everything? No doubt it’s a powerful sacred commodity. We all only have so much of it and we never know when its going to run out. I think we would all agree that it’s the most precious gift that we all share and how we use it is up to us.

As I get older and I’m pretty sure I can get an Amen out there from others, that Time seems to be going faster and faster. Seems like not that long ago I was just a young dumb kid growing up on the Tippecanoe River in Rochester Indiana. Not a care in the world, other than the next time I could go fishing, ride my motorcycle, go swimming or floating the river on inner tubes. It just doesn’t seem possible that Time goes by so fast.

I think there is value taking short peeks back into our lives, remembering our Time spent good or bad and hopefully learning from our mistakes. But if we learned from the mistakes we have made: Were they really mistakes? The Good Book tells us to forget the former things & Not dwell in the Past! Sure seems a lot easier to look backwards rather than forward at times. I have to remind myself sometimes that its like driving a car, we take glances back thru the rear view mirror but quickly return our focus to the road ahead of us.

I’m really not sure how or even if “Time changes everything.” But I do know that it goes by quickly! I love to quote my brother David’s favorite saying “Ever Forward!”  being conscious of the Time we do have, I’m going to try to focus on a little less _ _ _ _  & a lot more _ _ _ _ .

We can each fill in our own blanks.

Till next TIME!

Next Up: We will be taking you on a Stimuli overload trip to Thailand!




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