Reality Check

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Today NO Visual stimuli. I just want to preface this rambling with the fact that its been a stressful week. Connor has been away for 3 days on a field study trip to Indonesia, Christina has had a challenging week at work and Abby is being, well a teenager….  Sooo I’m probably not in the best mental state to blog, but what the heck!

Just gonna share with you a few honest thoughts about living abroad. Is it “Living the Dream?” NO. There are the same daily issues that still go on in this thing called Life. We still have Work, Condo issues, neighbors with dogs that constantly YAP, getting kids to School, homework, after school activities, Housecleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. etc. (we do not have a helper) so we have the opportunity to deal with all of these things. In addition to having a 10 yr old Son, we have a 14-year-old daughter that doesn’t want to be here and ALL that goes along with that!!! To Parents of teenage daughters, may GOD have mercy on us all…. My point is it’s not all Pie in the Sky, Living the Dream, Fantasy Land, etc.

There are good times of course. Are there times we wish we were back in the comfortable surroundings of our hometown? Yes. Is it a challenge/ pain to adjust to living in a different culture? Yes. Being a (Expat Trailing Spouse) weird name for a (Stay at Home Dad) is not a prestigious occupation and very few of us around. I get a considerable amount of stares and weird looks when I strap on my backpack like a pack mule, head down the street with my shopping stroller in tow and file in line with all the other female helpers to go to the market.

When I ride the bus or MRT wearing shorts, flip-flops and a tee-shirt instead of long pants, button down collared shirt and shoes that require tying like the rest of the men my age. (Ego Hit) Or when I meet new people and they say “So what do you do?”  I reply and then it just gets awkward. They try so hard to relate while at the same time are so genuinely disinterested. This is not always the case but it happens.

I’m a definite minority in more than a few categories.

  1.  I’m American.
  2.  I’m a Dad of a 14 yr old and a 10 yr old (at dare I say it 50 something…)
  3.  We don’t have a Helper. (its kinda big deal over here)
  4.  Country Boy living in a high-rise condo in the City.
  5. I don’t have a “real” job.

Now after all that I’m at that point in my Life where I really don’t give a crap what other people think. So…. anyway.

So just keeping it real on this post. I know when I was researching about what it would be like living abroad, I knew it would be challenging, cumbersome and stressful at times. I have ticked the boxes on all 3 accounts. It’s a Reality Check. like I promised in my initial 1st blog ever (Snippets from Singapore) I said I would keep it real with No Filter.

If you are like me? (I’m sorry if you are) 🙂 I hop on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and spend way too much time. It’s addicting. You know I’m right. I try to limit my screen time but its like trying to eat just 1 potato chip…. It’s hard to do. Anyway we all see posts, pics of beautiful places, fantastic events in people’s lives and think “WoW that’s great” but Lets be honest. it sometimes gets to us, you know what I mean. right or wrong it’s a fact. We are Human.

I want total transparency on my blog. So If you guys are still with me and havent drifted off into a boredom coma.. Just wanted to let you know that when I post movie clips, video, pics & commentary of our adventures It is NOT meant to be braggadocious or showy, it’s just my way to share with you & feel somewhat connected to friends and family and of course anyone that chooses to read my stuff.

Still when asked, would I do it all over again? the answer is absolutely YES!

Not to sure my daughter would agree….

Have A Great Day or Night! Till next time.




One thought on “Reality Check

  1. Wow, Gary, way to open up and lay it out. Yeah, teenagers, I had a couple. Actually, was one, myself, once. Once was enough. But you’re making great memories…and, stories… for her. I’m thinking what I’d miss/ snow storms and that constant feeling of freezing…NOT! Syracuse basketball on the radio and how they blow games (except last night)…NOT! Honestly, I’d miss coming home to my own house every night. Hang in there, Gary, the NFL draft is just around the corner…

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