Lion Dance at Gardens by the Bay

Hi Guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Today I wanted to share with you just a few video clips and pics of this last weekend at Gardens by the Bay during Chinese New Year celebration. Gardens by the Bay is a beautiful beyond description place & to think that it is all on reclaimed land! Yes this whole area was Ocean a couple of decades ago! (subject for another blog) Below is the appetizer video before the main event  “Lion Dance” performed  around the Super Trees.


OK then, next up we have a snippet from the actual performance of the Lion Dance! check this out! (note they are on poles of various heights ranging from about 6′-8′ off the ground!)


Gong Xi Fa Chai! (Happy New Year)  At the end of this performance the Lion threw oranges out of his mouth into the crowd! No not because we were hungry or had a Vitamin C deficiency! But apparently its a gesture of Good Luck/Fortune! Now for a few pics of the area around Gardens by the Bay! check these out!


Afraid of heights? might want to Pass…


I’m a Lucky Man


what a concept!


They have Real Trees too!

IMG_6060 (1)

Some random kid…


Pretty as a Picture!

There are so many more pics I could share with you but I’m going to keep it short n sweet today. More to come later. Have a Great week!




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