Time Well Spent

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by again. With it being Chinese New Year over here we had the chance to get out and experience some things locally that we havent done before. A lot of people have planned vacations around the Holiday, visiting family or catching a flight outa town! We chose to stay here and have our own celebration in “The Little Red Dot” 

Christina and I took some time yesterday to reconnect and actually talk. She has put a ton of hours into her work lately so we had the chance to discuss some things and just hang out together! It’s so easy to just fall into a routine and not take the time to talk/listen. It was a great day as we took the MRT to Downtown and had some great Thai food at Lau Pa Sat market. After lunch we visited a very busy and HOT Chinatown for a whole lotta craziness. We then proceeded to go down to the Marina Bay area. Had a few libations and decided to grab some bicycles and ride around the bay down to Clark Quay area.

IMG_2056They have share bikes over here, simply download the App, scan the bar code on the bike and away you go! Loved it! So much fun to get out and ride around. OK time for video Stimuli! check out the kids showing us their reenactment of (The Bicycle Pump)

Alrighty then…. Today we went to Sentosa Island and tried something that none of us has ever done! They have a Luge! We were all excited to try it too!!! (well except maybe 1..) see pic below.


A No cell phone Policy look?  Hmmmm, Ownership decided that taking selfies while you are screaming down the side of a mountain on a paper thin sheet of fiberglass wearing a ridiculous helmet wasnt a good idea????

Anyway! We had a blast and when I told the kids they could get ice cream! Well the reaction was below!!!!!!

So I guess the gist of this chat today is that spending time with the people you Love is Time Well Invested! It’s good to spend time with your significant other and or friends that you enjoy!

Over the next week I will be taking you to Indonesia on some adventures that you will not want to miss! (heavy eye candy) So check back often!


Gary aka Snippetdad



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