Ruff Life!

Hi Guys! I Hope you all are having a Great Day! or Night! Todays chat will be brief but hopefully some Fun for ya. So lets warm up those Smile muscles!

We are all gearing up for Chinese New Year over here. Decorations are everywhere, people are scurrying around like squirrels gathering their food (not going to say Nuts..) before a cold Winter. Stores are bustling and groceries are flying off the shelf! It reminds me of back home before a big Snow is supposed to hit, but never does. You might ask, why? well come to find out many of the stores will be closing the 14th in preparation for the Big Holiday. Officially Chinese New Years is this Friday 2/16 but celebrations are ongoing now thru the end of the month! 

This Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dog! So no real quality time together would be complete without a couple stupid dog jokes. Right? So….   Why do dogs run in circles??  its easier than squares…. 🙂 or how about this one.    Why arent dogs good dancers???   because they have 2 left feet… 🙂    which coincidentally led me into my video inspiration for the day!

While doing our weekly meat shopping at the market today because they have different markets for different kind of necessities. Today we needed meat. Sorry (vegetarians) I thought I would share with you a little snippet into how you get to the register to pay for your items. I’m still working on my choreography but it seems to be the best way to get your basket of carnivorous fare around as this particular store is really small. So check out the video clip below! (pretend you are listening to “The Cupid Shuffle” as you watch!)

Ok, so im not exactly Justin Timberlake out there! But hey it’s effective! Would you rather me be telling more Stupid Dog jokes??? 🙂 

So, more visual stimuli!! check out the Pics below, just some of the scenes from around the area as Singapore gets ready for the Holiday!


Orchard Road




random pic just pretty


even at Zoo


We even decorated!



we went all out! 🙂

OK, 1 last thing, check out the below meme. 🙂


Cmon!   Now Thats Funny!!!!








2 thoughts on “Ruff Life!

  1. Maybe some are getting ready for President’s Week. For a grocery market, that was some fancy floor, and so clean. Why, you. Puns almost out your food basket in it…oh, you did. Liked the jokes, I’ll use them. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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