Telunas Island

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Hope you are all doing good! Today I wanted to share with you a snippet from Telunas Island in Indonesia. 

Beautiful? Absolutely! Was it all Sunshine & Butterflies? Not quite, as we had a few self-inflicted incidents! (more on that after the video) we invite you to Cmon along! So sit back, grab a beverage, turn up your speakers, hit play and join in on this adventure. Well for the next 4 minutes anyway! (may take a minute or so to load its kinda graphic heavy)

I hope you felt like you got a little flavor of the Island!  let me know your thoughts!

Now for the non Sunshiny, non Butterfly stuff. Come to find out that jump off the Jetty wasn’t just embarrassing for you to watch 🙂 the plunge apparently caused me to incur a detached retina! So when my anchor like carcass finally flailed to the surface, I was seeing a million dots in my left eye & blurred vision to boot. Luckily I was able to get to the ophthalmologist when we got back to Singapore the next day and had to have 3 laser surgeries over the next couple of months to repair!!!! So Ya my little jump for joy as if I was a schoolboy again didn’t really pan out the way I had envisioned….

Abby also had a gut check moment while walking with her eyes fixated on her phone (aka Life separator) instead of the winding jungle path ahead of her. She encountered the largest Monitor Lizard that ever slithered the Earth! (or at least that’s the way she described it) As she ran breathlessly back to the loving arms of her Father….. with a face as white as an albino ghost! she described back to us the event.

“I was walking along minding my own business when all of a sudden I look up and not more than 3 feet ahead of me in the path was this creature from another planet, its eyes were staring right thru me and his slithering tongue was probing the territorial space that we now shared. It was making weird hissing noises as if to say “I’m going to gnaw off your pretty leg”  “So I stopped dead in my tracks, slowly backed up a few paces and then ran like crazy back here” Of course I asked Christina to go check this thing out and report back to me while I stretch out on my lounger & grab another beverage. Ya so much for that! 🙂

So I sat upright, strapped on my flip-flops, put my shirt back on & reluctantly set down my cold drink and whisk off to witness this reptilian creature. I was casually strolling along hoping I wouldn’t encounter the 4 legged monster, when all of a sudden I hear a rustling in the lush jungle thicket and Holy God! I saw it! This thing was huge! Ya I had no idea these things grew this big. He obviously eats really well! It was at least 5′-6′ long and had eyes that bored straight thru your soul.

I thought to myself, now I could be a hero to my daughter & wife (hahaha) and maybe throw a rock at this thing in hopes that like in the biblical story of David vs Goliath, God would direct the stone & slay the enemy. Or I could simply leave well enough alone! Ya, I chose the latter…. So I promptly turned myself around and with hurried pace returned to the safe comfortable confines of the Infinity Pool and accompanying bar. 🙂

Telunas is a special place, its remote location seems a lot farther away than 50 miles from Singapore and mode of transportation to get there (ferry) then (Indonesian fishing boat) is really part of the whole experience. Plus with No WiFi or cell service its a real chance to get grounded again away from the electronic device addictions that we pretty much all share.  

More to come later!




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