Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by again. Well its the Weekend here in Singapore already! Another Beautiful Day too! Still seems a little strange being 13 hours ahead of USA EST. Hope you all back in the States are doing good! This somewhat random check in will be brief so that you can get to your weekend!

It’s funny to think about now, that when Christina and I first considered the move over here we had no idea what it would be like. Shoot, we didn’t even know where it was! “Singawhere” was our initial response! Perhaps a fishing village?  Part of mainland China? A city in Malaysia? We struggled to find it on a globe! I guess that’s why they call it “The Little Red Dot” Thank goodness for YouTube and the Travel Channel educating ourselves on the whereabouts and goings on over here. We havent scratched the surface of knowing really what we are doing at times, just when we think we have it figured out, Reality slaps us right in the face with a big (You are not as smart as you think you are moment).

Often I find myself wandering aimlessly (similar to my writing style) 🙂 around Singapore. I  get lost quite easily, often dazed like a concussed football player trying to find his way to the sideline, I stumble around in these gargantuan malls trying to find an exit! Similar to Vegas casino after a bad night at the slots… It seems like every MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station empties you out into a shopping Wonderland filled with varied temptations to please everyone that has a palate or a pulse.

My daughter who is 14 has found a certain fondness ( I call it an addiction..) for the countless shopping areas here. Trust me it seems everywhere you look there are escalators, elevators moving sidewalks circling you in, through, over,up, down, but not so much out… of the most spectacular Malls ever seen. From extreme High End brands like Gucci, Versace, Dior, Ferrari to Daiso (like our Dollar Stores back home only here its $2) If you want it or have a high limit credit card or $2 you can get it here! The mix of diverse shopping is as diverse as the population!


Ya! I cant afford anything here!


See What I mean?

Seems like every time we venture out we see something new or say I don’t remember seeing that! Singapore is certainly progressive as well, new buildings, roads, infrastructure is going on everywhere you look. I joked to my friend from the U.K. the other day that the national Bird of Singapore was the “Crane” as they are everywhere!


except this Pic….

OK, I’m going to try to take the family to a new restaurant tonight, If I can find it again… So Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned and Please subscribe if you enjoy these blogs! In future ramblings I will share with you about some of our other experiences like driving in Singapore Yikes! My Detached Retina (gross) and other hopefully interesting things….





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