To Zoo or Not To Zoo?

Hi Guys! back at ya with another update of Snippets From Singapore. Before my rambling begins I just wanted to say Wow! What a Great Super Bowl! set my alarm clock, had my morning coffee and bagel and really enjoyed watching the big game. Since football is over till next Fall now (boo,hiss,hiss,boo) we will have some more time to check out all kinds of things.

We had the opportunity to go this last weekend to the Singapore Zoo. This place was huge! over 69 acres. 315 species & over 2,500 different animals. 1 word to sum up the experience (Wow) not going to lie, as always No Fake No Filter here as their Zoo is pretty spectacular. A lot of hands on exhibits like giant cockroaches they let crawl on you…. If you’re into that kinda thing… which I am not! (see video clip below)

To getting up close and personal with the ugliest bat (flying fox bat) I have ever seen. I was so close I could have literally reached out and snatched that tasty slice of watermelon out of his razor-sharp fanged mouth. But I chose not to…  Check this out!

No zoo trip would be complete without monkeys (proboscis) in this case. check out the males long nose. My wife was quick to point out that I had an amazing resemblance in that area… (thanks honey) To which I replied, you know the female proboscis monkey have much smaller pointy (witch-like noses) Its true, Google it! Ok we better move on… 🙂  check out the clip below!

Interesting Fact Time! 


Poo. who knew?…

Its Connors Turn!!!!

Another interesting Fact. I had no idea that the Late Great Steve Irwin visited the Singapore Zoo on several occasions and hung out with Ah Meng (The Grand Dame). Bio below.



You know guys, a trip to the zoo might seem boring or you might say “been there done that” but just spending time with friends/family/loved ones, or not so loved ones or even just by yourself amongst nature, interesting animals and the great outdoors is actually therapeutic (I don’t have medical evidence to support that…) but I always feel like its time well invested.

So to answer the question “To Zoo or Not to?”   I say To!

Alright I’m going to wrap it up for now guys. Hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy bringing it to you! Please subscribe and Like! Feel free to leave comment


 If you would like to see more of the Singapore Zoo thru a 10 year old’s eyes check out Connors YouTube video below. 




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