“We All Bleed the Same”

Hi Guys! Thank You so much for stopping by again and sharing your time with Snippets From Singapore. Todays writing will be a little different, with a total of 5 blogs under my belt now I have shared a few destinations around Singapore a few pics of buildings, nature and a few comments about us. Today I wanted to share something a little different.

Coming from the Midwest of the United States we felt initially out-of-place. (like a duck out of water) living in such a diverse populous area of the World. We have had the opportunity to live amongst born and bred Singaporeans, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Australian, French, Europeans,South African, New Zealanders and the list goes on & on. I say this because when we first arrived we were so infatuated with the fact that so many diverse cultures from all over the World could live together in seemingly peaceful harmony.

The emphasis of this writing is not to draw attention to our differences ( be it many) but to highlight the fact that we really are all the same. We are just people. Connor wanted to share a moment, so check out his video clip!

We have different looks, views, religions, attitudes, dreams, hopes, baggage, and sorrows. The other day I sat next to a Monk, never thought that would happen coming from Indiana! visited and shared Lunch with a lovely couple which just happen to be Muslim. Shared a table and interesting conversation with a family from Indonesia the examples go on and on. Were these situations awkward? Yes at first, but it gets easier and more rewarding when we stretch ourselves to the fringes of uncomfortableness. I  have toured a Mosque, listened to afternoon Prayers and visited Buddha Temples. I remember growing up as a kid I would barely talk to my Aunt’s & Uncles let alone strangers, travel out of State? Never. Go to a different church? Ya right! Not All experiences are going to be Good nor all Bad they could be just different. Just like People. We are all different by design but yet All the Same.


It is a delight to see random acts of kindness in Society whether it is an offering of a seat on a subway or giving someone a smile or encouraging word. I know these things happen on a daily basis but do we really acknowledge it and try to replicate it or do we go about our days in our own little World?

Obviously It isnt all Butterfly wings and lemon drops out there. People are still Human (till A.I. rules the Earth…) 🙂  So bad things happen, rude/ inconsiderate/ hurtful & discriminatory behaviour is everywhere. But also there are good things to be seen, sometimes we just have to look a little deeper. Be the first to offer a compliment or share a moment with a random person it might mean the world to them that you took time to acknowledge that they are a person too. I’m trying to avoid and deflect the bad and exchange them for positivity and encouragement. I ask you to try to do the same! Because at the End of the Day we are all alike. “We All Bleed the Same”


I encourage you to invest 5 minutes & check out my favorite Song entitled “We All Bleed the Same” by Mandisa

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Have A Blessed Day!




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