A lil Tiong Bahru

Thanks so much for stopping by Snippets From Singapore and hanging with me on this my 2nd blog post ever! Today I want to bring you along to one of my favorite places “Tiong Bahru” its a 20 minute bus ride from where we live so let’s go! We like to eat, so I usually go to the market weekly to get some fresh fruits and veggies,  Check out the video below for a walk to the market. (sorry for the jerky motion) I will get better I promise!

I also love the food at the Hawker Center basically they are Outdoor Food Courts specializing in local cuisine. My favorite so far is Lor mee, I have no idea how it is made but they scoop it out of a big pot & it has a ton of noodles with a gravy like broth complete with shark nuggets! Basically it a big bowl of yummyness.


The buildings around this area are filled with unique paintings on random walls, and quaint little shops for the better half. Apparently old men sitting around with their birds in tow having a (chin wag) aka Conversation a term my British friend turned me on to was a big thing back in the day.


The whole vibe of this area is really neat a little bit of Old Singapore in a quiet downtown location. More to come in later posts. Thanks for sharing your time with me! If you enjoy reading my blog please follow me and leave comments! Cheers!


One thought on “A lil Tiong Bahru

  1. Hi buddy very nice looks really nice there. Personally I would’ve liked to seen inside the store to to see what it looks like what kind of food and stuff but that’s just me Gary love you buddy

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