Snippets from Singapore

Thank You for stopping by! I hope you will find Snippets from Singapore a Fun read, it will be a collection of our experiences and some of my own commentary. Some might be hopefully funny, some might even be interesting others might be confusing & or mind numbing, I thought about the best way to share this unique adventure that we are on in a land far far away from the Cornfields of Indiana! and felt this was the best way to share. Please bear with me as I figure out this blogging thing. My writing style is casual, my punctuation might be correct, might not. If you are a grammar snob or get hung up on proper punctuation you might want to look elsewhere. I want to connect to my readers and not get hung up on all the old, boring rules of writing. Lets just have Fun!

For a brief Introduction, I am an American Expat Trailing Spouse meaning I stay at home and try to manage life with our 2 children here in Singapore, while my Beautiful adoring wife works her butt off at a real job. With that being said we have been given the opportunity  to experience a whole different life living 10,000 miles from home or approx 16,093 kilometers (Still getting used to the metric system). Its my intent to share with you what it is really like over here & the travels we take.

For people who don’t know me there will be No Fake News here and totally unfiltered so be aware that things might and probably will get crazy at times. On the other hand things might even be somewhat normal, who knows? But one thing you can count on is that I will be honest with you. If you suspect a little tongue in cheek at times, well you are probably right! I will more than likely use some sarcasm as well. I will do my best to include photos, videos, memes and other stimuli to keep you from falling asleep. Please join me as we explore this time together! A Word of Caution though, this site is probably going to be best consumed by joining me with a beverage of your choice.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak WaltonDSC_0051DSC_0045 (1)


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