A Trip on the Wild Side

Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by again, Today I’m sharing with you my trip to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve in Northern Singapore. Actually it was just a good stones throw away from Malaysia. It was my longest trip on the MRT as it was almost an hour ride and then a 20 minute bus ride to the reserve. So I packed a Lunch and headed out. One of the things I love about Singapore (there are many) is that in the midst of all the craziness there are tons of stuff to do in nature, Botanic Gardens, National Parks, Nature Reserves, Green space is easy to find even in a city of 6 million.

Sit back grab a beverage and check out these pics I took at this gorgeous place!

Nature P Sign


IMG_5620 (1)

Thats Malaysia!



7.5 Mile adventure today!


Um, Ok!


Alot more Dont’s than Do’s


No Swimming!


Oh Hey!


A Nice Siesta after an obviously great Lunch!


Lunch with a View!


Thats some really big roots!

Ya, this guy was at least 8′ long and about 2 ft of his tail got bit off in a previous scrum with another croc. Once again there are NO fences, no guards, no guns… to keep you from being a croc snack, this was crazy.

Well I hope you enjoyed Snippets From Singapore Pictorial edition! More to come Soon!

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